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Cherry Pick Shortlisted for Best Social Influencer Campaign

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Published Date 09.08.2023

What a rollercoaster campaign! Gaming is a burgeoning space ripe with opportunities to reach across creator verticals, especially when the IP is world-known and critically acclaimed – this was one of those moments. Fall Guys flipping from purchase to free-to-download under Epic Games watch was big news. Mediatonic wanted to shout about this exciting development.

That’s where we come in. Where do I start?

Cherry Pick Talent’s goal is to be a clarifying voice to bridge the divide that can arise between what a brand loves and wants to showcase, with what creators know will resonate with their audience.

Cherry Pick is nominated for Best Social Influencer Campaign – and we’re so excited to be up against some stellar campaigns.

We have been defining the space for 8 years and are lucky to have had the opportunity to build a team of experts from across all aspects of the industry. Ex-influencers (yours truly), talent managers, brand-side campaign managers and (importantly!) fans of influencers, too.

We live and breathe influencer marketing, and our (sometimes award-winning, always kickass) results show the passion, grip and understanding we have for industry-leading work. We are just getting started, and so, being shortlisted for our Fall Guys: Free-for-All Launch is a real cherry-on-the-cake moment.

This was a campaign that had multiple layers – we acted as an extension of the brand-side team and slotted out influencer strategy into the puzzle to amplify the existing roadmap.

The overarching brand strategy was broken out into two beats

  1. Beat 1 was ‘The Announcement’ in May. We supported this with co-streams on Twitch.
  2. Beat 2 was ‘release’ a month later, in June. This was the main push across TikTok and YouTube.

PLUS our team were on-site at Vidcon in Anaheim, California, for the in-person OOH experience aiding the logistics of attending hero creators and other champion creators in attendance.

If that wasn’t enough, in tandem with the launch campaign, we also managed two huge activations: a YouTube activation with MrBeast, and a content package from Fuslie and the rest of her crew. The latter included arranging travel logistics, negotiating deliverables, chaperoning an in-person visit and content approvals. It was all as wild as the Blunderdome.

How’d it go? Pretty well. Amazingly well, actually. Our success indicator boiled down to good old-fashioned impressions as is a mixed platform game. On that note, we had a 297% over-delivery on views 😅

Creators received huge positive sentiment from their audience and we saw the breadth of niches involved pay huge dividends – one of the artists involved scored an astonishing 82 million views on his YouTube Short and the comments signalled huge interest in the IP!

As an ex-creator, it’s so rewarding to treat creators with the care, human touch and attention to detail that they need and appreciate. I’m so proud of the team for this one.

On top of it all, this was a campaign that really allowed us to flex our knowledge of the space and demonstrate we know what we’re doing – Fall Guys was the hit game of the summer, and this still is one of our biggest campaigns to date – with the multiple layers and facets. It’s hard to choose what best explains this as a success, but the feeling of doing our best, delivering in a way that we’re confident only we can- is amazing.” – Niki Albon, Head of Creative

We take immense pride in our work, and this incredible Fall Guys campaign was no exception. Watching a substantial creative project come to life and ignite widespread awareness and enthusiasm truly energizes us. The success can be attributed to the dedicated creators, the fantastic Fall Guys game and its surrounding hype, and our team’s impeccable execution that brought all of these elements together seamlessly. The significant number of engaged viewers who were subsequently converted into active players clearly underlines the resounding success of this project. We love what we do!!!” Keelyn Lewis, COO.

And the creators loved it, too!

Working with Cherry Pick on the Fall Guys: Free for All campaign was awesome! My fans absolutely loved that the game went free to play and downloaded it right after watching the video.” Creator X (anonymised)

Working with Cherry Pick Talent is always amazing. The Fall Guys campaign was great. My audience love it because fall guys is a great game and the team at Cherry Pick gave me a great brief which meant I was able to make the best content hitting all the points that they gave me!” Creator Y (anonymised)

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