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33 Seconds & 2 Shorlist Nominations at the UK Social Media Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 18.07.2022

About us:

At 33Seconds, it’s all about the future. We are a Creative Communications Agency & since 2011, we have been specialising in Climate & Sustainability, Technology & Innovation and Lifestyle & Entertainment. We’ve been lucky to work with industry leaders and pioneering companies who allow us to create great campaigns across Social, PR, Content and Influencer marketing. 

Here are our shortlisted campaigns:

Sky TV – the home of factual content

To capitalise on rising public interest in fact-based entertainment, Sky TV approached 33Seconds to help establish the broadcaster as the home of factual content – building hype, interest and engagement via social media for a number of their flagship documentary series. The programmes included Queen of Speed – about Michèle Mouton, the world’s first female rally driver; Positive – a documentary created to mark Britain’s 40-year struggle with HIV and AIDS; Hawking Can You Hear Me? – which explores the human story of Stephen Hawking; and Super Greed, The Fight for Football – an investigation into the planned European breakaway league that sent shockwaves through the football world. 

Using social listening to explore the reasons why viewers love documentaries and fact-based content, we developed and defined impactful formats based on these insights, in order to attract, grow and engage social audiences. These formats included: Snack Facts – key takeaways to share as social currency; Expert Views – deep dives into the subject matter; and The Conversation – an honest dialogue between two opposing views regarding the documentaries. As each series dealt with markedly different – and in some cases sensitive – topics, we applied the formats in a bespoke way, in order to encourage a high level of reach and interest across the board. As part of this, tailored talent, content and messages were delivered via the creative across the recommended audience channels for each documentary, driving anticipation and intrigue to get people talking and tuning in to Sky TV for their hit of factual entertainment. 

Citroën – Ami in the UK

When big business decisions are being made, social audiences can be an invaluable resource, helping companies to understand consumer interest and demand for new products. This was the case for Citroën when deciding whether to launch the Ami electric vehicle in the UK – to guide and inform this, 33Seconds played a central role by tapping into the insight and influence of social media communities.  

The strategy used social listening to identify all relevant conversations and demonstrate the UK audience’s level of interest in the Ami. The ‘you asked, we delivered’ creative was then developed and executed based on this insight, incorporating consumer comments into a short-form video, which highlighted their passion for the vehicle. This then helped to build a wave of enthusiasm and further interest in the new Ami, by making consumers feel included in the decision to bring it to the UK, as well as helping to visualise product demand to the client. 

With widespread audience engagement across social channels, the target number of reservations were met in just one month, with over 15,000 + people registering their interest in the Citroën Ami to date. Following this campaign, we also then went on to create the now ongoing campaign for Ami called “This Is Not A Car” that has been building up more interest as we approach the launch – watch this space!

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for these awards as recognition for all the hard work from the team and the amazing campaigns we create here at 33Seconds!







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