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Flourish Shortlisted for UK Social Media Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 06.07.2022

Flourish is a customer journey marketing agency

We transform customer journeys by connecting the right audience with the right message at the right time. We’re proud to work with a roster of clients spanning a range of sectors, including the charity sector. The work we’ve submitted for the UK Social Media Awards is our 2021/22 Winter campaign for charity St Mungo’s, who support people experiencing homelessness.

Here’s how we shot past our targets in just 6 weeks

Attracting new supporters is a top priority for St Mungo’s. The charity recognises that despite consistent support from those in the 35+ age group, new donors from a younger age bracket are essential to boost the diversity of their income.

With the primary goal to generate donations over the Christmas and winter periods, and the secondary goal to attract new supporters in the 25 – 34 age brackets, we developed a two-phased approach for our social media campaign.

Phase one primed the audience using awareness-led routes without a direct ask, giving them a chance to connect with the cause. Phase two then scooped up the audience who had engaged with the phase one creative and targeted them with a direct ask.

A combination of precision targeting and creative that sparked an emotional response in the target audience secured St Mungo’s a 6.13% increase in donations compared to the previous year, despite the financial uncertainty faced by many in the aftermath of Covid.

The message? #EveryoneIsWelcome

St Mungo’s is unique in that they are the only homelessness charity that welcome pets into their hostels. With many people experiencing homelessness relying on their dogs, or best friends, for company, St Mungo’s hostels can literally be a lifesaver. Many people experiencing homelessness would rather remain on the street in poor conditions than be separated from their best friends.

Christmas is a time of togetherness. A time to spend with family. No one should be forced into homelessness, but for those who are, the last thing they need is to face the choice between a safe night’s sleep in a hostel and leaving their pet out in the cold. This inspired the core message for our winter campaign: #EveryoneIsWelcome.  

As well as our intended audience, the campaign also captured the heart of podcast host Adam Buxton. As an animal lover himself, Buxton was quick to back the campaign and mentioned it organically several times throughout one podcast episode, which lead to a significant increase in donations.

Precise targeting gets results

Small charity clients with limited budgets often struggle to achieve results through social media. This campaign demonstrates that great results from social media – both paid and organic – are possible, with the right creative and strategy in place.

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the UK Social Media Awards. This campaign was the first of its kind for St Mungo’s, and switching it up paid off, with 34% more 18–34-year-olds now supporting the charity. This piece of work demonstrates that the right targeting, and the right messaging, is essential in connecting a new audience with a cause – or brand – that they believe in.

Find out more about Flourish by visiting our website, and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter for regular helpful articles and company updates. For any general enquiries, you can contact Aimee Blakemore at

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